Kingston Technology has announced it has added a whoppong 32GB memory card to its Elite Pro SDHC range.

The new 32GB card is now the largest capacity in Kingston’s Elite Pro line of SDHC cards, which currently includes 4-, 8- and 16GB capacities.

"With the growing popularity of digital video and the HD format, consumers continue to look for ways to extend recording times and maintain fast data transfer rates (DTR) to maximize the performance of their recording device," said Kirsty Miller, European flash product marketing manager at Kingston Technology.

"Our new 32GB Elite Pro SDHC memory card is optimised to meet the demands of high capacity and fast write speeds to help consumers share their lives through the use of video, photography and other creative devices."

The 32GB capacity is a good choice for the increasing number of high-res recording devices on the market, as the card can store thousands of photos an many hours of the highest definition.

For example, the new 32GB Elite Pro SDHC card can capture more than 6,000 still images from a 10 megapixel camera, and over eight hours of video for 6Mbps HD Extended recording

The new card has an RRP of £136, and is backed by a lifetime guarantee and 24/7 technical support. Although how much technical trouble you can get into with a memory card that requires 24 hour support, is anyone's guess.