(Pocket-lint) - Gitzo has launched a new dedicated line-up of carrying solutions, focusing "funcitonal design and innovative features".

The new Gitzo range includes a Gitzo Traveller Back Pack and Traveller Bag designed specifically to carry your Traveller tripod, the Gitzo Tripod Strap, and two Gitzo Holster models, dedicated to carrying your Gitzo tripod and monopods.

The Traveller Back Pack (GC2240T) is a good choice for the Traveller tripod owner that needs to be able to take it everywhere on the go. It enables the user to carry the Traveller tripod, a standard DSLR and lens, and personal items such as an iPod, mobile phone, rain jacket and other small objects. And don't be afriad to pack it to maximum load, the resistant textile material it is made from means the bag will always keep its shape.

The Traveller Bag (GC1200T) has a slightly more streamlined design which enables you to easily transport your tripod in any situation such as on planes, trains or even just on foot. It can be worn over the shoulder, across the chest or attached to your own regular backpack with standard straps.

The Gitzo Tripod Strap GC5210 on the other hand is a quicker carrying solution that i good for when you need fast access to your tripod, rather than fussing with removing it from a bag. The strap is lightweight and can be adapted for several Gitzo tripods up to series 5. There is also an additional pocket for your mobile phone or other small personal items.

Finally, the Gitzo Tripod & Monopod Holsters provide a new way of transporting your tripods and monopods. They have a simple shape and design and can be hooked to different supports, such as belts, straps and backpacks, and fit several sizes of Gitzo tripods and monopods.

The GC3320 tripod holster is equipped with a clip so the user can access and reattach the tripod with ease while still providing a firm hold. A clever loop on the top of the GC3320 holster is a nice touch, as itallows the user to position one leg of the tripod so the tripod can be balanced without completely extending the legs - hand for situations when the tripod can not be used in its traditional manner.

The new Gitzo line of carrying solutions is available now through Bogen Imaging and prices start from £19.95. Visit the Bogen Imaging website for more details.

Writing by Verity Burns.