The Zhongshan Benro Precision Machinery Co Ltd has recently announced the availability of its new Benro B Series Ball Head.

Being new, second generation ball heads, the Benro B Series has been redesigned to incorporate real damper adjustment and greater locking force whilst also improving the smoothness of operation.

The B-Series ball heads also incorporate a new design of adjustment knobs that feature graduated torque with a visible reference for simple re-setting. There is also an improved universal quick release clamp that is capable of taking all Arca-Swiss style plates as well as the older Benro style quick release plates.

Available in five model sizes to suit all applications, the range features ball sizes from the 24mm of the B-00 through to the 54mm of the B-3 which has a load capacity of 30kg. Over the range, they have pretty much every camera/lens combo covered.

To complement the new range of heads, Benro have also announced a series of camera/lens plates. The range features attachment screws with a mating surface some 30% larger than standard lens plates, which ensuress greater security for your equipment.

Both the Benro B-Series Ball Heads and PU-Series quick release plates are available in the UK from The Wildlife Studio. The ball heads range between £45-99, while the plates start at £13.99.