Sanyo has announced the DMX-HD800, its new high-definition dual camera that can take both stills and video.

The camera comes in a compact and lightweight body and can take either 1280x720 videos at 30fps, or 8 megapixel stills. You can even take stills during video filming without having to switch modes or interrupt filming.

The DMX-HD800 also houses a new 3D digital noise reduction filter (3DDNR) which helps produce clearer, more vivid videos and features the newly developed high-precision "Face Chaser" function for both video and stills. Now able to detect up to 12 faces at once, the face detection function has been upgraded and can now follow subjects in real-time during recording, as well as adjust the focus to suit.

Other features include digital image stabiliser, both simple and manual mode for both first time and more advanced users, in-camera video editing and a low-light mode. A long-lasting battery also allows up to 250 stills, or 90 minutes of continuous video.

The DMX-HD800, will be sold in Japan starting from August 22, 2008. Sanya has said that this product may be launched in other regions around the world, although the name, model number and specs may differ. So, possibly a completely different camera then...