Lifestyle publisher GMC has announced two new photography books that have been added to its portfolio.

Firstly, Ferrell McCollough explores the latest digital technique - high dynamic range photography. This is the process of taking several pictures of a scene at various exposures, then merging them into one, making the image look crisp and detailed.

McCollough, a widely respected photographer, guides readers through this technology in step-by-step detail with plenty of pictures to keep you inspired and focused.

The second book by Ted Dillard explores the RAW image file, no doubt one of the biggest innovations in digital photography to date.

RAW Pipeline explains exactly what a RAW file is, and how to control and use it. Dillard teaches photographers to "think RAW" when shooting, and how to find new methods for handling RAW’s rather time-demanding processing requirements.

Both books are available now, and Amazon has them priced at £9.74 and £11.69 respectively.