Its been nearly a month since Hasselblad introduced its whopping 50-megapixel camera, with its equally whopping price tag of $37,000.

But already, the Hasselblad has been out-pixelled by the Leaf AFi 10. Weighing in at 56 megapixels, the Leaf AFi 10 medium format camera features a 56x36mm True Wide Frame that delivers full resolution across the entire width of the camera’s 6x6 sensor area.

The Leaf AFi uses Verto internal sensor rotation technology which means you don't have to turn the camera when moving between landscape and portrait shots, allowing you to capture 56mm resolution in both orientations.

The AFi 10 captures images at about 1 second per frame and has the ability to shoot up to ISO800. The Hasselblad does pip it to the post with price though, as the AFi 10 checks in at a eye-watering $43,675. Better get saving...