SeaLife Cameras has announced it will be showcasing two of its toughest, most rugged cameras from its sports and dive lines at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show in Utah.

These two cameras, released within the past year, will be tested to the extreme so people can see exactly how tough they are.

The ReefMaster Mini is a camera SeaLife are saying is the most rugged sports camera on the market. It is the world's first truly waterproof, shockproof digital camera and has been designed specifically for anyone who likes to get out and about with their camera.

The camera offers a six megapixel resolution, is waterproof to 130ft and shockproof to 6ft. It also has a rubberised exterior, making it durable, but yet is still compact and light enough to fit into your pocket.

The camera has been put to the test too, with the results suggesting it does what it says it does. It was flown on Project Blue Horizon flight number six recently, and performed perfectly from launch (around 1000ft above sea level) to burst altitude (104,000ft above sea level). Afterwards, the camera was recovered from a lake and was apparently still in full working order. Pretty impressive really.

To take this a step further during the show, the company plan to prove this camera's durability by running over the camera with an SUV in front of attendees. They will also be able to get a hands on play with the camera and take some shots themselves to get a feel for its performance, as well as strength.

The second camera to be shown is the newest in SeaLife's diving range, released around three months ago. The DC800 offers eight megapixels and is waterproof to 200ft underwater, with five different underwater modes to ensure you get the right setting for the situation.

It features a wide-angle optical lens with 4x optical zoom, a 2.7-inch display, auto focus up to two inches and a high-res video mode. The camera has an external polycarbonate shell which is rubber armoured to help you keep a grip on it

When you're not frolicking about underwater, you can remove the camera from its waterproof camera and have a slim compact to take out and about where you please.

As you'd imagine, demos galore and the opportunity to have a go on the cameras yourself will be available. Now the only thing is getting to Utah...