Photoshop Express may still be in beta, but it has just received a few new updates that should make it that little bit better for you.

The online photo sharing and editing site actually took itself offline to perform the update which sees three changes to the site and the service it offers.

Firstly, there is now a desktop uploader for Photoshop Express that runs on the Adobe AIR framework. Download the program and you can drag and drop photos from your desktop or another favourite photo application, and see them appear as thumbnails rather than file names. When you're done, one click will upload them all to your profile

Users of Photoshop Express now also have the ability to print photos through Shutterfly, although Shutterfly does charge for this service. Photoshop Express remains free though.

There have been a few changes to the general user experience as well, in that you can now add music to slideshow, resize images in one click and also tag them, Facebook-style.

Head over to the website if you fancy checking it out.