Enlight Photo have announced the release of the orbis ring flash, bringing a traditionally high-end lighting tool to any keen photographer at an slightly more pocket-friendly price.

The ring flash is generally used in portraiture as it gives a strong, shadowless lighting effect. A traditional ring flash is a ring-shaped (surprisingly) housing holding an number of light-emitting flash
tubes or bulbs. Generally bulky and fragile, the unit can cost into the thousands of pounds and requires mains power or a large power pack.

The orbis flash ring however is made from durable, lightweight ABS plastic and clips onto the any detachable flash, redirecting the flash
light around the ring shaped unit.

Self-funded British photographer James Madelin has spent two
years developing the orbis with a team product and lighting designers.

“The orbis was designed to enable keen amateur and professional photographers to get that million-dollar ring flash look quickly and easily, and at an affordable price,” said James.

The orbis will be launched in the UK in early October at an introductory price of around £85. You can get more information from the orbis flash website.