Jessops has launched a new search tool that should help making a choice on a digital camera, that little bit easier.

In partnership with PrismaStar Software, the Camera Selector uses AnswerOil search technology which mimics the way the human brain makes decisions to help consumers choose the right camera for their needs.

By selecting priorities for different camera features, including price, size, colour and resolution, customers can rank Jessops' entire range of more than 100 cameras, moving those which meet their exact requirements to the front. The specifications of these 'best match' cameras can then be compared side by side.

This new feature can be found on both the Jessops website and in in-store kiosks.

Joshua Tabin, CEO of PrismaStar Software, says: "We built the Jessops Camera Selector to provide customers with a unique and exciting shopping experience which prioritises the importance of any product feature and tailors highly accurate and unbiased results to their specific requirements."

Why not pop on to the website and give it a go?