A new generation of Gitzo ball head has been specifically developed to complement the Systematic range of tripods.

This new head is compact, low profile and extremely high performing. Bogen say it has been inspired "by the most demanding of users in areas of photography such as wildlife, landscape/outdoors, sport and fast action".

The Gitzo Systematic head features a hydraulic locking system, which allows faster control, great locking speed and good smoothness. The head is also equipped with a friction control button which works like a stopper limiting the locking collar travel placed at the top of the product and allowing the camera to move, helping you to maintain control of the head.

This new head can support payloads up to 25kg and is provided with a bag hook as well as an attachment for standard tripods. The attachment system featured on the new head increases stability, transforming the equipment into a pretty solid photographic kit.

The new Gitzo Systematic heads start from £239.95 and are also available now.