Bogen Imaging has launched a whole host of new ball heads from Gitzo, aimed at professional photographers.

A new range of ball heads for series 1, 2 and 3 tripods take notes from the original ball head range, taking the centre ball head design to a new level by decreasing weight and increasing performance.

Developed with consultation from professional photographers, the Gitzo ball heads have taken on a completely new concept and design, all including a "Bubble Sphere" - a hollow sphere with an ultra thin wall that reduces weight.

With an increasing size of ball for each series the Gitzo Bubble Sphere allows good locking performance and nice smoothness of movement. You'll also get good accuracy of shooting thanks to a PTFE treatment that reduces surface micro roughness.

In addition, the new heads feature a complete and unique levelling system and an exceptional maximum load capacity – series 1 up to 7kg, series 2 up to 14kg and series 3 up to 20kg.

These Gitzo ball heads are available now and start from £129.99.