As home printing of photos becomes more and more popular, so people are getting more and more interested as to how to get a professional finish on their images.

Ilford has therefore launched its Discovery Pack. Aimed at all the family, it contains a selection of products from its Inkjet Photo Paper Range to demonstrate how different weights and surfaces of photo paper can enhance your images.

The Discovery Pack includes:

* Premium Plus Glossy 270gsm - 20 sheets - Used by the professionals to achieve optimal studio quality. Ideal for creating special photographs such as weddings, college graduations or important family moments

* Premium Photo Glossy 250gsm - 20 sheets - Perfect for framing your latest holiday photographs

* Premium Plus Pearl 270gsm - 10 sheets - For those everlasting portraits. The added value of this product is that the unique surface does not show fingerprints after handling.

All of the products are compatible with good inkjet, including borderless, printers.

In addition, ICC Profiles, unique files which optimise your printer and Original Equipment Manufacturer ink to obtain the finest quality prints, can be downloaded for free from the Ilford website.

"Professional looking prints can be easily achieved at home and in addition, it's an enjoyable activity that the whole family can participate in", said Andrew Stewart, sales and marketing director, Ilford Imaging Switzerland GmbH.

"By launching the ILFORD Discovery Pack, we hope to dispel the myth that you need a technical background to print great images and instead, show people how they can play with their pictures by varying the type of photo paper surface and weight."

The Ilford Discovery Pack is available now.