Award-winning photo duo Trevor and Faye Yerbury are planning a wedding shoot workshop out on the street.

In what they say is the first "streetwise" seminar of its kind in the UK, ‘Shoot in the City’ is a series of two day-long photo-sessions using professional model brides in city centre locations across the UK and Europe.

Trevor Yerbury said: "Our Shoot in the City programme is inspired by the success of TV's Sex and the City. We will offer wedding photographers an intoxicating new dimension to a wedding shoot. We've seen enough machine gun reportage wedding photography – now let's get some style and fashion back into wedding photography."

He added: "This programme will give aspirational photographers a unique opportunity to take their wedding photography skills to a whole new level. We will be working on location around each city on the schedule, from busy, bustling streets to funky urban settings and romantic venues. Our stunning professional models will be wearing cutting edge designer gowns for each shoot."

The first day of the seminar will be spent shooting, while the second day will focus on image review, manipulation techniques, marketing, advertising and sales.

The autumn Yerbury ‘Shoot in the City’ workshops will cost £525 and UK venues will include Glasgow (Sep 1st and 2nd) Manchester (Sep 22nd and 23rd) Oxford (Sep 29th and 30th) Newcastle (Oct 6th and 7th) and Dublin (TBA).

A European itinerary is also planned, with the first shoot in Copenhagen (September 8th and 9th).

Each workshop will be limited to 20 delegates so book your place quickly. Visit the Yerbury Seminars website for more information.