There's nothing better than a story with a moral. And the moral to this one is that stealing never pays off, kids.

First, a bit of background information. Last year, Eye-Fi began to sell wireless memory cards for digital cameras, that meant you could automatically upload pictures from your camera, to your computer (or social networking site) via a wireless internet connection.

Now, according to Eye-Fi's PR firm, Red Consultancy, it's proved more than just a handy added extra. One particular vacationer using the company's memory card had her entire stash of camera gear worth over $1,000 swiped while out holidaying Florida.

However, upon returning home, she noticed that all the pictures taken prior to the theft had been automatically uploaded to her computer, as well as a clear shot of the obviously not-so-techy thief.

After reporting this all to the police, the crook was found and the lady had all of her equipment returned to her in one piece

You couldn't ask for a better PR story really, could you?