Magix has released an upgraded version of its photo design software that combines photo editing and graphic design in to one convenient package.

Magix Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer 2 brings together image editing, graphics and website creation, making it ideal for creating high-quality printing projects and exporting them to the internet in the same quality.

Every graphics function and the most important image editing functions can now be operated directly from the same interface in real time. This means photos can now be painted and written on at the same time.

Image editing is now also possible for additional formats, for example RAW, and output material is not touched. There is a new editing function especially for faces which makes the photos more radiant, reduces wrinkles and brightens smiles, and otherwise improves facial expressions.

After editing, photos can be enriched further with 250 complete templates, such as photo albums, stickers, labels and certificates (each of which can be individually customized) or 1,000 clipart pictures.

Magix Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer 2 softwarewill be available from June 9th for around £39.99.