Ilford has re-introduced its Galerie pre-mounted boards in Smooth Pearl and Gloss surfaces.

The company say they have made the move following an increase in demand from creative photographers, design houses, advertising agencies and exhibition stand producers.

Aimed at photographers wishing to print directly onto a rigid substrate in one easy operation, Ilford Galerie pre-mounted boards allow images up to 20" x 24" to be produced.

All Galerie boards are supplied slightly oversize to enable production of full format photographs. They are compatible with Epson Stylus Pro printers and also the Epson Photo 2400.

Pre-mounted boards allow images to be created off the printer and placed directly into a frame saves time and money, not to mention reduces the risk of damaging the picture during the print mounting process.

The Galerie boards are resin coated to provide a more robust surface for longer lasting image quality. The Smooth Pearl and Gloss finishes use the latest nanoporous technology, are instant dry and can be handled immediately after printing, which is ideal for those in a fast moving environment.

"Our customers are calling for pre-mounts, and as a market-driven group, Ilford is meeting this request," said Tom Poudrier, director of marketing, Oji Ilford USA .

"Our Smooth Pearl and Gloss Galerie papers continue to resonate with our customers, who are pleased with the look and feel of these surfaces. Combining these finishes with our pre-mount boards creates an attractive, versatile media we are all pleased with."