A new fashion photography exhibition called Fashion in the Mirror has been announced for opening in July.

A self-reflective look at fashion photography since the Sixties, the exhibition will focus on fashion photography’s subject matter and narrative from within the image itself, rather than its more common relationship to realism.

The works in the exhibition deconstruct the image-making process and simply show the basic principles of the fashion photograph; the way it is staged, its artificiality and the notion of "perfect beauty."

The exhibition will include work by leading international photographers including Norman Parkinson (UK, 1913 – 1990), Terence Donovan (UK, 1936 – 1996), Melvin Sokolsky (US, b.1933), Tim Walker (UK, b.1970), Bob Richardson (US, 1928 – 2005), Grégoire Alexandre (France, b.1972), Harri Peccinotti (UK, b.1938), Jonathan de Villiers (UK, b.1968), and Saul Leiter (US, b.1923).

This exhibition will be held at The Photographer's Gallery in London, and will run from July 18th to September 14th.