Lastolite has added two new HiLites to its range.

The new 8ft x 7ft version provides extra height or width to shoot larger groups or more animated poses. There is also an optional vinyl train available that simply velcros to either edge.

The smaller 4ft6in x 3ft6in version offers an extremely portable solution for quick head and shoulder shots when combined with Lastolite's 1109 or 1116 support system.

This simple set up background allows the photographer to work in restrictive spaces was extremely difficult in the past. This is because there is no need to use a background light behind the subject anymore, just simply light the background from the sides. As the background is illuminated, your working depth is reduced, allowing your subject to stand closer to the background.

The HiLites are freestanding so there's no need to for support, and they can be rotated and used anyway you like. They can also be used as a softbox, and in true Lastolite tradition, collapse easily into a blue bag for easy portability.

The 8ft x 7ft HiLite Background retails at £419.99 while the smaller 4ft6in x 3ft6in costs £139.99. The optional vinyl train for the 8ft x 7ft is £109.99.