If you've had a problem with your Sigma DP1 deleting photos you haven't asked it to, Sigma has now released a firmware update to stop that happening.

People had complained that if the camera was turned off when in the delete menu, the photo that was currently on the screen was deleted automatically. Sounds pretty annoying to say the least.

Firmware version 1.02 is therefore now available for download from the Sigma website, and anyone with version 1.01 or below needs to get it.

To check your version, turn on your camera and press the Menu/OK button to open up the set up menu. There should be an option for firmware, which you click and then an option for current version. Choose that and you'll be able to find out what version you're on.

As with all firmware updates, make sure the camera is plugged into the AC adapter or has fully charged batteries, as it could become unusable if the batteries die during the install.

Head on over to the Sigma website to get your mitts on the update.