Remember the days before digital cameras? Old photographs stuck in photo albums now very often get lost or forgotten about.

The Photograph to Digital Picture Converter is a great way to get those photos out of the loft and onto your computer - whether as a back-up (just in case) or to share your embarrassing baby pictures with the world on Facebook.

Much faster and easier than a conventional scanner, photos are placed into a tray that slides into the converter automatically.

The device instantly captures the whole image using a 5-megapixel CMOS sensor. With up to 1800 dpi resolution, 10 bits per colour channel, automatic exposure control and colour balance, you'll get a clear and accurate digital copy of your photo.

Transfer pictures to your PC via USB cable and then edit, crop and resize them with the software included.

You can get hold of the converter online from Hammacher Schlemmer for $149.95 (about £77). They are based in the US but offer international deliveries.