If your DSLR sensor could do with a bit of a clean. the Intemos DSLRClean claims to be the lowest price sensor cleaning kit on the market.

Reduced manufacturing costs are behind the price drop apparently, with them very kindly passing their savings on to us. How nice.

The Intemos DSLRClean kit is made up of 10 DSLRClean swabs and a 10ml bottle of the travel safe IOptic liquid to keep your sensor squeeky clean.

The DSLRClean sticks use a unique micro-pore swab to create a mini vacuum effect, gently lifting dust from both CCD and CMOS type sensors.

IOptic, unlike other sensor cleaning liquids, is non-flammable, non-toxic and is completely travel safe. Formulated to remove sticky particles, such as pollen or pollution from the sensor, IOptic can be used alongside Intemos' DSLRClean swabs.

The kit retails at a pocket-friendly £9.95 and is available from the Intemos website.