If you're getting pretty serious about your photography, and would even go so far as to dub yourself a "semi-pro", then Hama has just released its new Omega Carbon tripod series that might just be worth a look.

Both, as their range name would suggest, are made from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics that ensure the tripod is very stable but remains light enough to carry around easily.

The larger of the two new releases, Omega Carbon III, has an adjustable height from 71cm to just over 2 metres, making it a great choice for high-angle photos.

Alternatively the little brother, Omega Carbon II, has an extension length of 68 to 174cm and weighs just 2.5kg including the tripod head.

Apart from that, the two tripods share fairly similar features. The stable 3D precision ball head is a nice addition, featuring a separate ball and pan head lock, adjustable tension settings and a quick-release plate with a safety catch and locking screw.

The four-piece tripod legs can be extended in three places and spread out in various patterns, with rubber feet for completely secure positioning, no matter the terrain.

And of course, with both tripods you get a lovely carry case to make travelling with even easier. Marvellous.

Omega Carbon II retails at around £199.99, and Omega Carbon III at £249.99.