US company Sealife has just announced the release of the new DC800 camera to their collection of dedicated underwater models.

The DC800 is an 8-megapixel camera that has the ability to produce clear images down to 200 feet underwater. It has an SLR-like design, and the large shutter button and well-spaced mode buttons make the camera a lot easier to use when you're in the water.

Just as well suited to snorkelling and diving as it is to mucking around in the swimming pool, once removed from its waterproof housing it's a slim camera that's ready to slip into your pocket to snap pictures on a night out.

There are five underwater modes that allow you to take sharp, colourful underwater pictures and 16 settings for dry land. Other features include a 2.7-inch display screen, a wide-angle optical lens, 20x mega zoom and video with sound.

Unfortunately for any divers in the UK, the DC800 is only available in America right now, where it is sold at around $550 (about £280).