The Wildlife Studio have recently announced the availability of the JJC WR-100 multi-purpose shutter release.

The WR-100 is a dual function remote control working as a 1 metre cable release and a 100 metre wireless radio remote release, giving you the advantage of having two options to suit different circumstances.

Of course, wireless radio releases have the advantage that they do not require line of sight to operate and you can be some distance away – just make sure you keep the receiver unit charged with the dedicated charger included and you'll be fine.

However, if you prefer a simple cable release – or perhaps forget to power the receiver unit, the WR-100 includes a generous 1 metre of cable that won't require any charge, so you can get snapping anywhere.

Models are available for Canon 3 pin and single jack cameras, Pentax, Samsung and Contax single jack, Nikon 10 pin and Olympus cameras. Prices start at £39.95.