Fuji Photo-Film, JP Distribution and Sigma have teamed up to offer a series of free photography events.

Staff from JP Distribution will be demonstrating the Lumen8 lighting range, as well as the Hilite and Ezybox lighting solutions.

The Fuji team will be showing off the S5 Pro DSLR camera and the Greenbox colour management system.

And techies from Sigma will show what the EX DC lenses can do with the Fujifilm S5 DSLR and also will have their full range of DG & DC lenses for demo in Canon fits.

The Sigma SD14 DSLR, DP1 HD digital compact camera and range of flashguns and accessories will also be available for demonstration.

The studio presentations will revolve around a working studio set up with models and professional photographers taking the images and explaining what they are doing and why.

Two presentations will take place each day taking approximately 2 hours each.

The morning starts at 10:00am and afternoon session at 2:00pm.

The events kick off at Calumet in Liverpool on 23 April, before travelling to the Calumet store on Drummond Street in London on 28 April.

Next up is an event at Calumet in Birmingham on 01 May; then to Calumet in Manchester for 12 May.

To pre-register for any of the Calumet days email registration@calumetphoto.co.uk.

The roadshow will next visit the Brittania Stadium, which is the Stoke City Football ground, on 15 May, headed up by 1st cameras.

The last event will take place at Digital Depot in Stevenage in Hert on 22 May.