Bolide Software has announced the release of Hide Photos v1.1, which provides a secure container within your computer system for digital pictures.

The developer quips: "Naughty home stuff or pictures of your ex are not intended to be viewed by an inappropriate eye. What are your choices here?

"Of course, you could just store the digital pictures hidden deep on your computer in a hope that no one stumbles upon them. That means no protection at all. Or you can put the pictures into an encrypted ZIP or RAR archive, making them impossible to access without a password."

However, it is presenting an alternative to this in Hide Photos!, which keeps images encrypted but users can view, add or delete digital pictures in the protected album at any time by just entering a password once.

It adds: "The images are never saved to the hard disk, thus eliminating the security hole of the password-protected archives."

Users can specify a password hint to remind them of their password if they forget it.

Hide Photos includes an image browser, viewer and organiser, allowing you to tag pictures with keywords, organise them by folders, specify passwords for the entire album or separate images, browse and view pictures from within the program without saving anything onto the hard drive.

A trial version is available for free download now.