A camera delivering a whopping 50 megapixels is going to be on show at Focus-on-Imaging in Birmingham's NEC from 24-27 February.

The SpheroCam HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera delivers full-spherical HDR-images in a single shot.

Spheron adds that this is the first camera, which is able to measure "real-world luminosity values, from the darkest shadow areas through to the brightest sunlight - within a single scan operation".

"Adding real-world light information to accurately illuminate 3D objects in any location, means the SpheroCam HDR system can enhance the 3D rendering process used within visualization, advertising photography, film & effects and games development markets to maximum effect," continues Spheron.

Images are recorded at 32-bit and are fully spherical at 360 x 180 degree.

The system includes a tripod, which incorporates a specially designed mounting unit which includes Spheron VR’s three dimensional immersive measurement device.