An alternative to "zipping" your images to be able to share them has been launched by BluBox.

Blubox V4 is a new software compression application for digital images and is available now.

Designed to use a variety of compression algorithms Blubox supports all "Zip" formats.

It claims to be able to compress photos by up to 95% "without sacrificing picture quality", as well as encrypt and protect pictures using 256-bit AES encryption technology.

Blubox says that the software also dramatically reduces the time taken to send photos by email and FTP.

This latest package also lets users to view pictures while they are still compressed and encrypted.

Additional features include the ability to print directly from within the Blubox program or extract and then print
organise and store photos inside Blubox archives; and extract images back to their original file format for use in other programs

Blubox V4.0 is available for £19.99, and can downloaded from the Blubox website.