3D animation expert Reallusion has announced Version 5 of CrazyTalk, its application which can make any photo or image talk.

CrazyTalk 5 is claimed to be suitable for pros and novicea alike allowing users to turn photos into life-like digital puppet performances for films, web videos, podcasts, blogs, machinima and classroom projects, says the developer.

Any digital photo or image can be used to create a talking character that comes to life as an actor, automatically lip-synching to the recorded audio.

Updates for this latest version of the package include the ability to edit keys and the ability to explore/save motion clips without having to purchase extra equipment.

In addition, the character animation feature has been enhanced "to add more personality and emotive control".
The ultimate facial animation solution, CrazyTalk 5 has also been enhanced with the following new features and tools.

And Reallusion adds that the software has also been redesigned so that users can make any image talk, not just humans.

With the new CrazyTalk 5 facial profile wizard, users can select the type of face to match their desired animation motion. Dogs will animate with doglike features and humans will perform with natural human facial movement.

CrazyTalk 5 also adds an anti-distortion feature that can be used during face rotation and angle enhancement.

In addition, the package introduces new interactive puppetry animation control where the user can apply facial expressions and face morph effects simply by moving the mouse.

There are five default puppet profiles including, attractive, grumpy and youthful, as well as six emotion styles with a select and deselect layer editing capability to provide full control of the puppet’s facial features, mouth opening, and emotional expression and more.

CrazyTalk 5 now provides HD video support with Flash video output enabled for adding CrazyTalk to any Adobe Flash project or website.

Reallusion offers two versions of CrazyTalk — both are Windows XP and Vista compatible.

The standard version is priced £29.95 while the pro version is £89.99.

Free trials and upgrades are also available at the Reallusion website.