Pharos has unveiled a new system that records photo locations and trips for any digital camera.

Pharos Trips & Pics is a geo-logger that enables consumers to record trip and photo locations and display them on a map.

It is claimed to work with any digital camera, and is the first package from the company to do so.

It comprises a iGPS-500 receiver with a sub-pocket-sized battery unit and geo-logging software.

To use Trips & Pics, a user must carry the GPS receiver and battery unit along on a trip. At the end of the journey, the user removes the iGPS-500 from its sled, connects it to a computer via the supplied USB cable, and follows download instructions.

Step-by-step instructions allow the user to export digital photo or location files and display them on the map of their choice, such as Microsoft Streets & Trips, Google Earth, Google Maps or Pharos’ own maps.

Trips & Pics also supports Geographic encoded Really Simple Syndication (GeoRSS) to allow blog sites to push location data feeds.

Users can select variable logging intervals from one second up to five minutes. Further, the GPS receiver is controlled in the field with an on-off switch, meaning it logs only while activated, saving power and extending field life to more than 45 days, says the manufacturer.

In the near future, Pharos will provide an upgrade option for customers who already own Microsoft Streets and Trips with GPS Locator or Pharos Bluetooth GPS and wish to add Trips & Pics functionality.

Trips & Pics is now available for $89.95.