A new line-up of CompactFlash cards designed to minimise the risk of data loss have been released by Californian company Ridata.

The cards use technology usually found in magnetic hard drives and RAM memory.

The line-up comprises the Supreme 150X (up to 8GB capacity-SLC format) and Lightning (up to 16GB MLC format).

They feature self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology so that users can monitor the card’s status.

Ridata adds that the cards are capable of providing notification to users in real time to protect vital information and data.

The cards are also claimed to offer a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 5,000,000 powered-on hours and maximum endurance of 100,000 times of program/erase cycles.

Ridata adds that the line-up also offer low power consumption.

It explains: "In standby mode with an automatic power management function, users acquire longer battery life from a digital camera or other device. The non-volatile card requires no power to store data, but requires a 3.3V/5V single power supply to read and write data."