A new tool to help you get your life in order for the new year has been launched by Qipit.

The service allows subscribers to use their mobile phone or digital camera to capture anything from user manual pages and tax receipts to a journal of gym exercises.

These files are saved in a digital format, and then can be accessed through the internet via a secure connection "making them accessible to read, share or print from anywhere", explains Qipit.

Qipit adds that any physical document can be transformed into scan-quality copies that users can store or share as digital documents on their computers and online at the Qipit website.

To use Qipit, users have to first set up two new addresses in their phone: copy@qipit.com (for black & white copies) and color@qipit.com (for colour copies).

When a subscriber needs to make a copy, they must take a photograph of a handwritten or printed document, and send the image to the appropriate Qipit email address.

Qipit’s ink-extraction technology then transforms the image into a high contrast, digital copy that can then be stored or shared online.

Qipit also sends a copy of the scanned document to the camera phone for users to reuse while on the go.

The service is free and available now.