The Photoviewer Travel Pack is the ideal travel companion for Epson's multimedia storage viewer range, including the P-2000, P-3000, P-4000 and P-5000.

It includes a lightweight carry case with belt loops and strap, portable viewing stand, battery charger for two batteries, car adapter for the charger, micro fibre cleaning cloth and LCD protective film.

It offers enhanced portability and protection for the Photoviewer, allowing the photographer to concentrate on the

Epson Travel Pack key features:

* Safely transport Epson Photoviewer in custom-made case with belt loops and strap
* Shield the LCD screen from scratches with the protective film
* Save time by charging two batteries at once with the battery charger
* Keep battery charged, even on-the-go with the car adapter
* Enjoy slide shows on your viewer with the hands-free viewing stand
* Keep the LCD screen dust-free with the micro fibre cleaning cloth

The Photoviewer Travel Pack will be offered as an option for Epson's Photoviewer range from September 2007 for around £50.