We've all been there. Pressed delete to realise that we weren't supposed to press that button yet. Well one company is offering a lifeline to Mac users with a software application called CardRaider.

According to the software's developers the programme will allow you to recover your images from your memory card in one-click.

When a digital camera erases photos, it doesn't actually erase them. Instead, it just forgets where pictures are located on your memory card. As you take new pictures, the old picture data eventually gets covered over with your new photos.

CardRaider simply finds and restores pictures that your camera doesn't see.

The software also allows you to see thumbnails and preview before recovering, find JPEG and Canon Raw image files, sends recovered images to iPhoto, works on damaged or reformatted cards, and work the other way to permanently erase a photo so it can no longer be recovered.

Unfortunately for PC users the software is only available for Mac and costs $20 as an electronic download.