A new camera rig for your DSLR camera or camcorder is hoping to take your photography airborne thanks to a little help from a remote controlled helicopter.

Called SkyShutter, the custom built remote controlled helicopter allows those looking to create aerial photography on the cheap by mounting any device up to about 6lbs (your average video camera or DSLR) and taking it into the air.

Created to order, the miniature helicopter costs around $9,000 and comes with two remote controls; one for the copter and one for the mount so you can control the direction of the camera.

The company behind the creation says the "Helicam can easily manoeuvre through a narrow street to chase a car from one foot off the ground to 400 ft up".

The best recommendation from the designer Jason Lam when we spoke to him? Get some one who knows how to fly remote controlled helicopters else it could prove a very expensive shot.

Come on, admit it, you want one.