Although we admit that Nikon was first to combine a camera and a projector, Taiwanese DigiLife appears to be the first company to add a projector to a pocket HD camcorder.

The DDV-JF1, as it's called, combines a Flip-style camcorder with a pocket projector in a package that is no bigger than most current pocket projectors on the market.

The camera part of the device shoots video at 1280x720 pixels at 30fps, although 848x480 at 60fps and 320x240 at 30fps are also available options.

The lens is fixed focus and the camcorder offers 3 x digital zoom. The video is recorded in H.264 to an SDHC card with cards up to 32GB are supported.

On the back of the camcorder is a 2.5-inch LCD display with 960x240 while below the screen are controls which seem to have at least borrowed some of its inspiration from the Kodak Z6 in terms of layout.

The projector isn't very bright at 8 lux and with a resolution of Q720p which isn't as good as it
sounds as in reality this is only 640x360 pixels.

We don't know how much the DDV-JF1 is going to cost, but we have a feeling that it won't be worth whatever the initial price will be...