A new spy camera is due to be available in the UK next month that takes the form of a everyday object most people would not glance twice at (unless, of course, they've read this news story).

The new miniature camera is cleverly disguised as a car remote control key fob and can record 640x480 AVI video with audio as well as taking still images.

Offering the "ability to conduct up-close covert surveillance", retailer Thumbs Up says: "Attach it to your keys to discretely to record conversations and events without anyone noticing that you have a camera".

"Holding a set of keys in your hand is perfectly natural and it would also be completely unremarkable to put your keys down on a table in front of you. If you position them carefully, you can record everything that you want it to, without anyone noticing that they're on camera".

Obviously only to be used for the forces of good, the tiny digi-cam boasts 2GB of internal storage while there's a mini USB port for transferring the footage to a PC and recharging the device and the camera can timestamp the video too.

The spy gadget goes on sale from Thumbs Up UK from the end of September priced at around £60.