Eye-Fi has announced an addition to its range of Wi-Fi SD cards that lets Apple users get in on the action. The 2GB Eye-Fi Geo card lets Mac fans automatically upload pictures from their digital camera to iPhoto over Wi-Fi.

All photos uploaded will also arrive automatically geotagged with the location where the image was captured. That ties in well, says the company, with the new version of iPhoto's "Places" functionality which lets you browse and sort your pics by location.

Eye-Fi launched an application for the iPhone earlier this year that lets you upload and geotag your photos from that device automatically. It's free, and available now in the App store, so if you're an iPhone owner then that might be worth a look, too.

The 2GB Eye-Fi Geo card will be available in Apple stores and online and will cost $60, which translates to £36 in real money.