Flip, the maker of the pocket camcorders, has announced a new initiative that will allow users to easily share videos amongst each other.

Called FlipShare, the new software designed for the company's range of digital camcorders will now give users the ability to publish personal video channels online with Flip Channels, in addition to uploading video to sites like MySpace and YouTube.

The new Flip Channels feature promises, says the company, to enable users to easily share their favourite Flip content with groups of people they designate, rather than mastering viewing options on YouTube.

Once created, their personal Flip Channels can be instantly viewed online at FlipShare.com or on any iPhone model by using the new FlipShare for iPhone application which is due to be available soon.

The new version of FlipShare software will begin shipping as the on-board software for all Flip Video camcorders from Tuesday. For those who already have a Flip digital camcorder, the software can also be downloaded for free by visiting the company's website.