If you've got an HDTV, but it didn't come equipped with a USB port, then here's a nifty solution that'll only require an extra plug socket.

It's a tiny, pocket-sized HDMI player that'll take a USB input, be that a card reader, flash drive or portable hard drive. It'll then display the photos, music or video on that device in full 1080p resolution.

16 transitions are available, as are options for speed and sequential or random playback. It comes with a remote for you to flip pictures, music or video around from the comfort of your sofa.

It supports a wide range of formats - Mpeg1/2/4, Divx4.1/5.0/5.1, AVI, XVID, MP4 and Nero Digital for video, MP3/WMA/MPEG-Audio Level1,2 for audio and JPEGs and HD JPEGs for images.

If you're not too discouraged by the fact it says "UBS" on the side, rather than "USB", then it's yours for £43, available now.