JVC has announced the Everio GZ-X900, also known as the Everio X, a new hybrid, dual-use camera that combines 9-megapixel photos with full HD video.

Described as "about the size of a chunky smart phone", the Everio X is designed to be small and portable enough to be carried everywhere.

In fact, JVC claims the Everio X is one of the lightest cameras available capable of 1920 x 1080 full HD AVCHD video, weighing in at 0.6 pounds.

Featuring a 10.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, the Everio X offers optical image stabilisation technology to prevent blurry images through the 5x optical zoom range.

Other features include HDMI output, face detection, continuous shooting of up to six 9-megapixel images at 15 images per second, and the ability to take 5-megapixel snaps while simultaneously recording video.

Slow motion video recording is a key feature for the Everio X, and can shoot at any one of three speeds - 120fps, 300fps and 600fps. The faster the recording speed, the slower the playback motion.

With this function, approximately four-second bursts of video are recorded that are then played back over a period of up to 24 seconds, up to a maximum of 20 times longer than normal speed.

The Everio X also includes bundled software to help you export videos into iTunes for playback on your iPod or iPhone, as well as the "One Touch Upload" function for uploading video content to YouTube.

The Everio X will be available in the States in June with a $999.95 price tag. We'll bring you European pricing and availability information when we get it.