Kingston Digital has announced it is releasing a new line of SDHC video cards for use in digital camcorders.

To help consumers know which size will suit their needs, the SDHC cards come with the approximate recording time in minutes on the packaging, and are available in 60 (4GB), 120 (8GB) and 240 (16GB).

Kirsty Miller, product marketing manager at Kingston Digital Europe Ltd, commented on the idea behind the new line.

She said: "The concept of releasing the new cards is driven by the increased usage of HD-capable flash-memory-based camcorders and hybrid camcorders that contain both hard drives and card slots.

"The Kingston SDHC Video cards are perfect for high definition camcorders, making them ideal for capturing 1080i High Definition recording".

The full range features a Class 4 speed rating, which guarantees a minimum data transfer rate of 4MB/sec. for quick camera to PC transfer.

The SDHC Video Card 8GB and 16GB capacities will be shipping across Europe in the first quarter of 2009, with prices to be confirmed. The 4GB version is available now.