"The future is Flash media camcorders" according to Sanyo as the company announced six new digital Flash Media camcorders on Wednesday.

The company hopes to hold on to the pocket camcorder market from cheaper challengers from Flip, Kodak and Creative by launching a barrage of new models in the UK.

Citing the new models as PVCs (Pocket Video Camcorders, not something you would find in a dirty 70s movie) the new cameras (that are built in to the camcorders) will promise top of the range features rather than cheap video capture options.

"We are hoping that people who've played with the Flip will upgrade to our more advanced offerings", a spokesman for the company told us.

Claiming five world's first the company has announced six camcorders that include the new waterproof HD models (DMX-WH1, DMX-CA9), Compact HD units (VPC-CG10 and VPC-TH1), and Full HD 60fps cameras (DMX-FH1, DMX-HD2000).

The new VPC-TH1 will offer 30x optical zoom, sequential shooting up to 13 images at 2-megapixel resolution as well as a 3 hour 20 minute recording time.

The waterproof models - the VPC-CA9 and the VPC-WH1 will offer a 5x optical zoom, 2.5-inch camera with 9-megapixel resolution - it will offer 7 frames per second sequential shooting. Waterproofness will start at 1.5m for the CA9 and 3m for the slightly bigger WH1 both models will sport 720p video resolution.

The first camcorder to be released for the new 2009 line-up will be the 1080p sporting DMX-HD2000, available we are told, from February 2009.

All models will be SD card compatible upto 32GB.

The top of the range model, the DMX-HD2000, will cost £549.99 when it hits the UK in February, while the waterproof CA9 will cost £329.99 the rest of the models will fit in around those price points, Sanyo has confirmed to Pocket-lint.