A new spy camera that monitors your home or office remotely and then sends you pictures when something happens has been launched in the UK.

Called the Eye Camera, the device comes fitted with a SIM card so it can send you and nine other people up to five images of the action to your mobile phone or an email account.

The idea is that you'll have photographic evidence of whoever has gone near the camera thanks to the in-built motion detector, or alternatively you can request an image by texting it from your mobile phone.

The camera, which is powered by the mains, although does offer a 24 hour back up battery, can also be used to listen into conversations in the room without anyone else knowing.

Costing £245, the motion detection camera doesn't have a flash, but does, the makers Eye Spy Security say, feature a Infra-red option so you'll still be able to see who is robbing you in the middle of the night.