Verbatim has launched two new HD Video SDHC flash cards that allows for high transfer rates even of videos in HD quality.

Aimed at the camcorder market, the cards have the highest speed class rating of 6, writing at 9MBps and reading at 20MBps.

Two different capacities are available - the 4GB which will hold 90 minutes of video at medium image resolution, and the 8GB which can store up to 180 minutes, or 60 minutes at the highest resolution.

The new SDHC cards are also compatible with mirror reflex cameras such as the Canon HF 11 and Nikon D90 that film in HD quality.

Hans Christoph Kaiser, business development manger of USB memory Verbatim EUMEA, said: "Nowadays, even people who shoot films as a hobby demand professional camcorders and storage solutions".

"For these users, our Verbatim HD Video SDHC offers state-of-the-art technology, fast data transfer rates and high storage capacities".

The HD Video SDHC cards are available now at £12.99 for the 4GB and £17.99 for the 8GB.