The Predator VX360 is launching with the claim of being the world's first fully wearable, waterproof, on-the-fly controllable digital video system designed specifically for the adventure sports market.

The VX360 will "enable thrill seekers to record their adventures at the touch of a button, capturing every adrenaline filled second digitally".

With hardcore construction and impact resistant design, the VX360 is watertight up to 3 metres underwater and records to SD or SDHC memory cards up to 8GB capacity.

There's an arm-mounted recording unit with integrated 2.4-inch colour LCD screen, tactile control buttons and a fully adjustable eyeball camera with mounting socket system.

The camera features a Sony Super HAD CCD sensor, a wide angle lens and has an integrated camera anti-fogging system keeping things clear even in extremes of temperature and humidity.

Ready to use from the box, the camera is battery-powered. Footage can be played back on the unit's screen, on a TV with the included AV cable or uploaded via the USB cable to computer.

Complete with Splitscene 3 software, the Predator VX360 will available from December through authorised resellers in the UK for around £550.