Swindon has become the first town in the UK to do away with fixed-point speed cameras.

In a move that will see Jeremy Clarkson literally sobbing for joy, Swindon is soon to be speed camera free (though we wonder how often the Top Gear presenter goes to the town).

The nine members of the cabinet for the Tory-run council have voted unanimously to withdraw from the Wiltshire and Swindon Safety Camera Partnership.

This move comes 12 months after Peter Greenhalgh, councillor for highways in Swindon, made the suggestion.

In particular, Greenhalgh suggested that the council should protest about the fact that his council had to pay for the upkeep of the cameras but any speeding fines went to central government.

Speaking after the vote, Greenhalgh said: "I understand we are the first council in Britain to get rid of fixed-point speed cameras".

Mr Greenhalgh added: "We will be working very closely with our partners, including police in the road safety partnership to deliver a plan that reduced the number of people being killed on the roads in Swindon".

The councillor added that removing he cameras doesn't mean motorists will get away with speeding.

He also added that in 2007/08, 70 people had been killed in Swindon by cars, and that this proved that the fixed point cameras weren't working anyway.