So you're a student who suspects that one of their flatmates is raiding their food store in the middle of the night, or you're just someone who is worried about security.

Well the Swann Digital PrivateEye Clock may be for you.

This “Plug & Play” security monitoring device is a fully functional digital clock but also takes covert still images when motion is detected.

It has an adjustable pinhole camera, which allows it to capture pictures from up to a distance of 5m away.

Images are recorded to a 256MB SD card which is included in the package.

The time & date are stamped on each image and shots can be viewed on your laptop via the camera's USB connection.

The unit works off mains AC power or battery (not included).

The Swann Digital PrivateEye Clock is £119.99 but is currently on special offer for £79.99 for a limited period at Maplins.