Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy are soon to start their joint offensive to dominate the UK's electrical goods market.

The companies are planning on opening more than 100 new stores and the first could open early next year.

Cazenove analysts said in August they were expecting 120 stores by March 2014, but there have been hints that details as to exact numbers and where the stores will be will be announced soon.

Carphone Warehouse signed a deal with American retail giant, Best Buy, way back in May

Now the companies have released more details on the £1bn joint venture, which will see Best Buy's vast array of consumer electronics, which includes laptops, DVD players and cameras, sold through Carphone Warehouse.

As we reported in May, the 2400 stores across Europe under the Carphone Warehouse brand name will be kept but new shops will be opened next year under the Best Buy name.